1. What is the benefit of partnering with APR on my job search?

Advanced Personnel Resources and our distinguished recruiters place a high value on our relationships with our candidates and associates. Our business is built on relationships. We have a strong reputation for placing our candidates in successful careers and are known as well for our quality service, ethical standards and confidentiality. Our exceptional client relationships with companies already located in the area and moving to the area gives you access to many more job openings and preliminary opportunities in formation. Many of our clients rely on the talent we provide them. Their jobs are not posted or available through traditional job boards and advertising.

2. How does the process work?

The first step is to apply with Advanced Personnel Resources. You can browse our current positions and apply directly, or if you don’t see anything that is a fit right now, you can join our Talent Network and be advised when new positions come available.

The second step is to request an appointment with one of our professional recruiting and contract staffing consultants. We will confidentially discuss your background and goals and determine your precise qualifications to ensure that an appropriate match for the right position and culture of the potential company is made. When your qualifications are matched with an employer the screening and interview process begins. Our recruiting consultants are actively involved with you throughout the process and will guide you with information, tips and any advice you need until a successful placement is made.

3. What happens when I am placed on assignment?

When an assignment is offered, your APR professional recruiter will provide all necessary information – When and where to report, who to ask for on the first day, the dress code, hours, schedule, etc. We will also provide you with a detailed a job description. Please make sure to ask any questions and address any concerns that you have about the assignment at this time – once you agree to an assignment, we expect you to honor your commitment.

Once your assignment has begun, you will be an employee of Advanced Personnel Resources (NOT the client company) for the duration of your assignment. Your pay and benefits will come from APR. Please contact your APR supervisor with any job-related issue that you may have, including time off requests, schedule issues, calling in sick or late or any issues related to your pay. Also, contact APR if the job duties are different than what we described to you when you accepted the assignment.

Please note that the terms of employment are different for Direct Placement opportunities. Your APR professional recruiter will discuss those terms directly prior to placement.

4. How long is my assignment going to be?

The length of assignment varies, depending on the needs of the client. We offer 4 primary types of placement:

Temporary – a temporary assignment is just that – temporary. It may be filling in for a vacation or medical leave, helping a customer through a special project, or adding a pair of hands for the busy season, temp jobs usually have a pre-defined end date. That date may be extended based on the client’s needs, and it may be two days or 6 months, but you will have a good idea of the anticipated length of the assignment at the time it is offered.

Contract – Contracting is similar to a temp assignment, but usually longer in term. A contract assignment is when a client does not expect to offer full time employment at the end of the assignment. Contracts can be anywhere form 6 months to 5 years, and during the length of contract you will stay an APR associate contractor. Contract assignments, like all APR assignments, are considered “at-will”, and may be terminated at any time by either you or APR, but the expectation is for a long-term assignment.

Temp-to-Hire – Our clients are looking to add a full time member to their team, and work with APR to identify the best candidate. On this type of assignment, you will work at the client’s location as an APR associate for a specific amount of time. At the end of this period, the client company has the option to transition you to their payroll. While the goal of the client company at the onset of the assignment is to convert the APR associate to an internal employee there may be an extension if the client is not ready to convert. This gives both the associate and the employer time to evaluate whether this is the right fit during this period.

Direct Placement – Direct Placement is when a company needs sourced talent to fill a regular opening. The client company hires APR to source, recruit and screen qualified talent, perform all required pre-employment screening including background checks, reference checks, behavioral and skill testing, drug testing and other relevant requested evaluations. The goal is to onboard the candidate as an internal employee from day one. Direct Placement positions are generally technical, advanced administrative and financial, professional or managerial in nature.

5. How Do I get paid?

On Temporary, Contract or Temp-to-Hire positions, you will be paid directly by Advanced Personnel Resources. Remember, you are an employee of APR, and NOT the client company. Timecards must be submitted to APR by Sunday at midnight (contact your APR representative for instructions on submitting time), and payday is every Thursday at noon. Direct Deposit is required for all APR associates, but your first week or two will be paid on a physical check, which can either be mailed or picked up at the APR office. The only deductions taken from your pay are those required by state, federal or local law (taxes, social security, federal and state mandates, etc.) and any deductions specifically authorized by you (such as health insurance contributions).

6. What if I am offered a position at the company I am working an assignment?

Congratulations! That means you have provided the company with excellent service and they would like for you to be a member of their staff. Please contact your APR staffing supervisor and we will contact our client to begin the transition process.

7. What will this cost me?

There is no charge for our services. All service fees are paid by our client company. You will be paid a competitive wage, offered benefits, and have an experienced professional recruiter coaching you through every step of your job search and an APR staffing supervisor to guide you through out your assignment.

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